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Allegro Lokalnie – racjonalnie…ale z emocjami!

For a well-known e-commerce platform, we crafted a highly effective communication campaign tailored to diverse audience groups, each with their unique needs and motivations.

A Portion of Good PR!

Unlocking the secret to nutritional excellence with Żabka! Step behind the curtain to see how we artfully spun a narrative so engaging, it convinced busy Poles that Żabka is not just a store, but a place of wellness. Introducing the innovative "Dobre żywienie z Żabką - Porcja DobreGO

DigitalInfluencerSocial mediaCampaign
Crafting compelling narratives: unveiling "Domowe Historie"!

Ever wondered if the merits of energy-efficient home appliances could be spun into captivating tales, peppered with humor? Wonder no more! It all boils down to a dash of creativity, a well-oiled team, and some stellar actors.

InfluencerCSREducational program
Discover your body in harmony

We're changing the perspective on youth health education. Together with Natalia Nykiel and Avon, we're creating a campaign that not only educates but also inspires to get to know one's body and take care of health.

CSREducational program
Does pocket money fall from the sky?

To give or not to give pocket money? How do we broach the topic of money with our children? "Misja Kieszonkowe" is all about equipping young minds with practical financial skills and empowering them to navigate their first financial steps confidently.

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Expanding horizons for TECHbrand? Let’s GO!

MediaMarkt, an industry titan in consumer electronics, has embarked on a mission to amplify its social media presence, thereby enhancing customer engagement both in-store and online.

We nailed it with a symphony of success!

We've mastered the art of orchestrating a symphony of activities, ensuring every element harmonizes seamlessly! Our prowess was showcased during the Avon Pop-Up Store, where queues swirled in anticipation during sanah's concert tour!

Join us at the shared table with Rural Housewives Clubs (KGW)

We've found a great way to reach out to elderly people at risk of loneliness. We've invited one of the most engaged social groups, the Rural Housewives Clubs, to collaborate and participate in the program.

StrategyCrisis Management
Heart over head: Navigating the misuse of personal data

In a twist of events that sounds more like a drama than reality, a courier from a well-known corporation decided to take a customer's personal phone number and used it for unsolicited personal conversations after hours. This narrative unfolds as we dissect how we sidestepped legal fallout and a potential branding nightmare.

Igniting the future: unleashing digital horizons!

Step into tomorrow's world with the grand inauguration of the Orange Digital Center, where tradition meets innovation in a mesmerizing blend of past narratives and futuristic technologies.

Gifts full of ower: Holidays by Avon

Discover the secret to crafting a standout booth amidst the holiday shopping frenzy. It's all about infusing creativity with seamless coordination.

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Tech-fueled fun: Let's PARTY! with MediaMarkt's 25th birthday bash!

Unlocking the magic of birthdays and cutting-edge tech, we orchestrated a celebration like no other. Dive into our 360-degree campaign that transformed stores into vibrant playgrounds of innovation and joy!

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