Our essence

We transcend the conventional definition of a company; we are a harmonious collective of more than 60 experts, united not just by work but by genuine mutual respect and camaraderie.

Each endeavor we undertake is not merely a project but a journey—an extraordinary voyage of discovery and innovation, accompanied by remarkable individuals. Fearlessly embracing the unknown and the unconventional, we are driven by a conviction that our collective prowess can surmount any challenge. This ethos elevates our work to not just fulfill expectations but to redefine them.

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Iwona Michalczyk


Katarzyna Pawlikowska-Poleszak


Aleksandra Nieściuszko-Bujnicka


Szymon Świerczek

Chief Financial Officer

Maja Głuśniewska

Senior Account Manager

Stanisław Kozioł

Senior Art. Director

Żanetta Madaj

PR & Reputation Management Director

Aleksandra Lisowska


Agnieszka Machniewicz

Head of Content

Piotr Uzdowski

Senior Art. Director

Aleksandra Wojnicka

Digital Director

Marta Bełza

Head of reputation management

Paulina Więcek

Creative Director

Eliza Gajownik

HR & Organizational Communication Business Partner

Kamila Dębniak

Senior Digital Account Manager

Jakub Piędziak

Content Manager

Magdalena Sońta

Creative Copywriter

Karolina Liberka

Head of Strategy and Innovation

Krzysztof Lisiecki


Ewelina Dekarz

Senior Project Manager

Aleksandra Gimik

Senior Account Manager


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