Allegro Lokalnie - Various reasons. One place.

For a well-known e-commerce platform, we crafted a highly effective communication campaign tailored to diverse audience groups, each with their unique needs and motivations.


  • How can we ignite the spotlight on our sub-brand (Allegro Lokalnie) and elevate its allure?
  • How do we magnetize more traffic to our site and usher in fresh faces?
  • How can we captivate a kaleidoscope of target segments?
  • How do we craft messaging that resonates harmoniously with both sellers and buyers on our platform?


  • 40 meticulously crafted social media creations.
  • Enlisted support from Mega, Mid, and Micro-influencers to bolster the campaign.
  • Deployed a captivating influencer engagement strategy, fostering interaction through Allegro challenges.
  • Orchestrated a dynamic 2-month campaign tailored to diverse target segments.
  • Conceptualized and brought to life a compelling video advertisement.
  • Exceeded KPIs with an impressive total of nearly 2 million organic impressions.

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