Expanding horizons for TECHbrand? Let’s GO!

MediaMarkt, an industry titan in consumer electronics, has embarked on a mission to amplify its social media presence, thereby enhancing customer engagement both in-store and online.


  • Cultivating brand awareness and bolstering engagement across social platforms.
  • Driving increased consumer benefits and foot traffic to physical outlets.
  • Engaging influencers in creative collaborations.
  • Distinguishing ourselves in a competitive market landscape.



Multi-Platform SoMe Strategy:

  • Our early initiatives on Facebook and Instagram transformed public sentiment from negative to positive within the first three months.
  • We bolstered our follower base by over 12,000 during our initial year of partnership.
  • Engagement on Facebook saw a sixfold increase, while Instagram post reach improved by 30%.
  • Gradually, we expanded our footprint to include TikTok and YouTube, tailoring our content to align with each platform’s unique trends and user expectations.


  • We introduced Poland’s first AI-created virtual influencer, Media Mark. This digital brand ambassador plays a pivotal role in moderating content and crafting a positive communication tone with our audience.

Reach and Activation Campaigns:

  • We consistently run activation campaigns that engage our audience through contests, product promotions, and performance-based campaigns for manufacturers, all of which have significantly enhanced our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Event Marketing:

  • To celebrate Media Markt’s 25th anniversary, we devised an all-encompassing event strategy across our stores, integrating influencer collaborations, production efforts, and manufacturer services.

Event Series:

  • Our coordinated series of 17 nationwide events successfully boosted store traffic by 17%.

Collaboration with Influencers and Content Creators:

  • By partnering with both influencers and content creators, we’ve managed to engage a wide and varied audience. This strategy has elevated user involvement by leveraging content that resonates with current social media trends.


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