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Embark on an expedition that promises to enrich your professional journey. Our realm is abundant with boundless prospects, invigorating challenges, and delightful unpredictability. We assemble talent from every corner of Poland, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not confine your potential. And here's an intriguing twist: the typical corporate rigidity and rivalry are foreign concepts in our domain. We unite under a single banner, fostering a collaborative environment where hierarchy blurs, and the boss is more of a comrade than a commander. This sanctuary is where your ideas are not just welcomed but celebrated, offering you the latitude to innovate and inspire.

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Prywatna opieka medyczna

Private medical

We guarantee access to premium healthcare, prioritizing your health and well-being above all.

Elastyczny model pracy

work model

Here, work flexibly molds to your lifestyle, offering remote, hybrid, or in-office options tailored for your comfort.

Szkolenia rozwojowe


We offer bespoke internal and external training designed to unleash your superpowers and enhance your skill set.

Gardenowe piątki


Embrace summer relaxation—enjoy early Fridays in July and August, finishing 2 hours ahead to revel in time exclusively yours.

Urodzinowy bonus


Celebrate your birthday with a head start—close your laptop 2 hours early and enjoy your special day, your way.

Spotkania integracyjne


We host memorable company parties, departmental meetings, and unique initiatives, including shelter visits or networking in a speed dating format.

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Internship - Graphic Designer | Great Minds

Location: Poland

Social Media Graphic Designer/Senior | Great Minds

Location: Poland

Junior PR Manager | Garden of Words Group

Location : Poland

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Development program

Are you eager to peel back the curtain on agency life and acquire skills that will launch your career into the stratosphere?

Dive into our "Grow" Talent Program—not your average internship, but a thrilling voyage through the worlds of PR, marketing, and digital. Join us for a rollercoaster ride of four exhilarating months, where you'll master the craft of research, media relations, designing compelling tender presentations, and sketching out project budgets. Discover the magic behind writing captivating content that captures hearts and minds, and get hands-on with the nuts and bolts of brewing up groundbreaking creative campaigns. You're not just gaining skills; you're absorbing wisdom that could pave your path to our team, should you dazzle us with your brilliance.

This adventure is crafted for those of you who are adults, whether you're in the thick of your studies or gearing up to begin. Let's embark on this journey together, where learning meets fun, and where your career could take a leap into a future filled with possibilities.

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